Strategic Analyses

Strategic analysis is a set of actions leading to determining of the competitive position of an enterprises, based on, on one hand, internal potential evaluation, as well, on the other hand, environment evaluation (based on the contemporary situation and forecasts for future). Strategic analysis forms a basis for formulating of strategic aims of an enterprise, and design of a rational strategy of its development, together with a financial plan presenting effectiveness of the designed actions.

A document, complexly prepared by the DCF as the result of the the strategic analysis conducted in an enterprise, includes:

  • Enterprises environment evaluation, which includes:
    • Macro-environement, which means:
      • Economic environment,
      • Social and demografical environment,
      • Technological environment,
      • Legal and political environment;
    • Micro-environment, which means:
      • Competition,
      • Suppliers’ trade power,
      • Receivers’ trade power,
      • Substitute threat,
      • New competition threat.
    • Market environment (volume and tendence of changes in product market);
  • Enterprise internal potential evaluation stemming from:
    • Capital resources,
    • Human Resources,
    • Tangible resources,
    • Intangible resources (includingo enterprise organization),
    • Marketing actions employed;
  • Enterprise competitive position evaluation.

When requested by the Client, we prepare also elements of strategic analysis, such as: micro-environment evaluation, or internal potential evaluation of an enterprise.

In each case, depending on our Client’s specific needs and expectations, we discuss the detailed scope of strategic analysis with them, and adjust it to their individual needs.


For further information please contact:

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Our Clients’ Opinions:

Analysis of selected markets was conducted in a very professional manner. The analytics took into account various economic, social, legal, geographical criteria, and most importantly – competition for our products in these markets. We had answer some specific questions about our assets, staff and finance. On the basis of this analysis, DCF analytics evaluated very accurately opportunities and threads existing for us in the selected markets, as well as our strengths and weaknesses in comparison with our competitiors.

Mirosław Kajstura – Eksport Manager, „HYBSZ” Sławomir Hybsz

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